Interlink brings mobile access and enhanced features to CommitCRM

Accurate time tracking and client communication are critical to the success of today’s IT service providers, MSPs and computer repair businesses. However, technicians often struggle to capture their billable time and update ticket notes in an efficient and effective manner. Often distracted with other work, technicians sometimes wait for days to enter time and send follow up communications, which in turn greatly increases the risk of missing critical billable time and often straining client relationships due to the lack of timely communication.  With this in mind, DSG DevStudio built Interlink for CommitCRM.

Interlink for CommitCRM is built using CommitCRM’s extensible API to allow complete read/write access to most CommitCRM features via a multitude of browser based mobile devices including: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 devices as well as cross browser support for the most popular desktop browsers including: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Fluid and others.

Interlink is also much more then just mobile access to your CommitCRM data!  It builds on the great feature set provided by CommitCRM with a full-featured client portal, advanced reporting, automated service level monitoring, and much more. Combining a front-end interface built for ease of use with sophisticated process workflows to streamline data-entry.  Interlink for CommitCRM helps IT service providers, MSPs and computer repair businesses operate more efficiently and to faster capture more billable time.

Additional Interlink Features include:

Mobile Access

Interlink is designed to provide mobile access in real-time to your CommitCRM system to enter charges, create new tickets, add history notes to existing tickets, look up customer information and much more all from a mobile web browser. The information displayed is real-time data and when changes are submitted from the field they are processed directly into the CommitCRM database in less than 30 seconds. Users of Interlink can expect to see field staff increase their billable output simply by being more easily and accurately able to capture and record time as the work occurs as opposed relying on memory once returning to the office.

Client Self Service Portal

Beyond mobile access, Interlink offers a Client Portal for CommitCRM.  The Client Portal adds a complete client self-service web based interface that allows for creating tickets via simple web form as well as client approval of tickets with complete audit trail.

Password Manager

Interlink’s 256 bit encrypted Password Manager Module allows technicians to conveniently store all client passwords by linking the passwords to client accounts. Staff access can be controlled by password category and/or client account access rights. There is a two-step authentication to offer even further security.

Customer Satisfaction

The experience customers have when they engage with your company has a tremendous impact on your business’ success. While a positive customer experience increases loyalty and retention, a negative customer experience often leads customers to search elsewhere and in turn results in lost revenues.

With that being said, measuring a customer’s experience can be a challenge. Interlink includes a Customer Satisfaction Module which allows you to track satisfaction levels in real-time by the servicing engineer or by the client. You can then drill down by ticket to review history notes and determine exactly what went right or wrong with the customer’s overall experience.

Advanced Visual Reporting

Interlink’s Advance Reporting Module delivers advanced analytics and powerful reporting in real-time. It allows you to analyze your CommitCRM data without having to update Excel spreadsheets or create custom complex reports within CommitCRM. Simply click through the advance reports and all the latest charge and ticket data are dynamically displayed in visually appealing and easy to understand formats.

As you can see, the benefits of Interlink are numerous. You can expect increased billable hours, ease of configuration, and a vastly improved customer experience by implementing Interlink for CommitCRM.

Contact Dynamic Solutions Group today to request a FREE Full Featured Web-Demo and see for yourself how Interlink can take your CommitCRM to new levels!

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