The Apps

Here at the Dev Studio we make the Apps that make you Think Outside the Box!

CentCom™ for Digium Switchvox

An ever growing system of integrated tools designed to enhance your standalone or multi-system Digium Switchvox environment.

Options include Call Center Queue Manager, Call Center Custom Reports, Wallboard, Global Directory, Consolidated Queue Panel, Custom URL Builder, Park Return CID Notifier, and more.

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Interlink™ for CommitCRM

Built for CommitCRM, Interlink™ easily allows you access to your CommitCRM data securely from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or other mobile devices as well as from Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems via a web browser. Add Charges, Create Tickets, Reassign Tickets, Search Tickets, add History Notes, View Client Information as well as track engineer mileage easily anywhere you have Internet access with your CommitCRM System in real-time.

For your clients, Interlink contains a complete client portal which allows for easy ticket submission, tracking by department/location, approval with audit trail, automatic ticket assignment to appropriate engineer, and much more.  Clients can also get a cost breakdown of QuickBooks invoices online in seconds.  This greatly reduces the time your client’s accounting departments must spend coding IT costs to different locations and departments.  Just another way to reduce your clients IT costs while allowing them to easily manage their IT costs.

Office workers can also benefit from the integration with Digium Switchvox phone systems which performs “Screen Pops” when a client calls in Interlink will display the client information, engineers assigned to account, and open tickets for that account all based of inbound caller ID.

Increase time captured by staff with the built in mileage tracking system which shows claimed mileage plus associated ticket and total of charges billed clients.  This makes it easy to see if the cost of reimbursing mileage is greater then the actual charges to the customer.  The system also allows for reporting to show charges without tickets, which can be part of a process to enforce ticket creation in order to receive bonuses.  Both features are aimed at increasing billings and better record keeping.

Mileage tracking system also assists with IRS compliance and audit records.

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An Employee Attendance Tracking system was designed to provide human resources managers and employees a secure, reliable method to manage the employee’s time off by making requests submission and approval simple, streamlined and secure.

100% Web Based – No Client Installation needed so you can access MyHRCoordinator™ from anywhere, anytime with a secure username and password. Perform all administration tasks, time entry, approvals and generate reports through your web browser.

Reduce the time necessary to track cumbersome accrual, use and expiration of multiple banks of time while enhancing the HR experience for your employees.  MyHRCoordinator handles multiple time banks which can be used for part-time, full-time, executive, and other unique time off plans.

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