CentCom for Digium Switchvox

Take your Switchvox to a new level of communication!

CentCom™ provides many of the most commonly requested add-ons for Digium Switchvox systems in a single power-packed, yet simple set of tools that will maximize your business communications. CentCom’s ever growing collection of integrated tools is designed to enhance your standalone or multi-system Digium Switchvox environment.  Just as Switchvox appliances come in multiple sizes, CentCom comes in different versions to meet your needs for today and for tomorrow. digium switchvox appliances As your business grows you can seamlessly add additional features with minimal associated costs. Compare CentCom™ versions and see which one is right for your business. Options include Wallboard, Queue Manager, Global Directory, Consolidated Queue Panel, Paste-to-Dial, URL Builder, Enhanced Reports, MySQL CDR Data Feed, Call-Park Return ID, Emergency Services Call Center Enhancements and more.

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Queue Alert Manager

Get queue alerts on a queue by queue basis allowing you to respond to your client’s needs more quickly.  Ability to setup queue alerts based on calls waiting, agents logged in, maximum wait time and abandoned calls.  Ability to choose days of the week and hours of the day for alerts to send to multiple email addresses or phone as a text message using the phone’s text messaging email address.  With the ability to create a custom alert message.
Short Video DemoScreenshot 1, Screenshot 2

Centralized Updates, Backups & Restores

CentCom offers centralized update and backup management for your Digium Switchvox systems.  With CentCom’s centralized management system, you can view software versions, licensing information, subscription information, available updates, apply available updates, create new backups, view current backups, delete backups and download and restore your backups for all of your Switchvox systems from one easy to use interface.  The centralized management system makes it easier than ever to administer multiple Digium Switchvox systems by elminating the need to remember multiple logins and having to login to each system individually to perform every day tasks.   microsoft exchange server

Microsoft Exchange Server Calendar Integration

CentCom™ Microsoft Exchange Server Calendar Integration provides automated status changes based on appointments set in your Exchange Calendar.  This allows for personal call rules to handle calls differently if you are in a meeting or out of the office, automatically.  Once your appointment is over your status is automatically set back to available. In addition to handling calls based on your calendar appointments, CentCom™ provides an additional method for your coworkers to determine your status simply by looking at your status on their phone and Switchboard Directory. This integration runs at the server level so there is no need to install any client software. Short Demo Video

Call Log with Recorded Audio Playback

CentCom™ Call Log with Recorded Audio Playback allows you review a call log and then simply click the (i) as shown in “Step 1” which expands to show the details of the call.  If the call has audio that was recorded using the Digium Switchvox Call Recording options you will see an inline audio control which clicking on the play button as shown in “Step 2” will allow you instantly listen to the audio for that particular call.  No more searching through call logs to narrow down the time frame to then have to go search through your recorded audio files.

centcom call log audio playback digium switchvox

centcom queue manager digium switchvox

Call Center – Queue Manager

CentCom™ Call Center – Queue Manager allows for at a glance management of member agents for any Switchvox Call Queue.  Quick queue stats are displayed at the top of the screen along with current activity of the member agents.  Allows for the Queue Manager to Log Out/In or Pause/Resume individual member agents with the click of a mouse or tap of the screen.  Allows for the display of more than 30 member agents per queue.

centcom wallboard digium switchvox

Wallboard Display

CentCom™ Wallboard Display gives you the BIG PICTURE!  Display information for all to see, Total Calls Waiting, Max Wait Time, Total Calls for the Day, Agents Actively Talking on Phone, Abandoned Calls, Agents Logged In and Average Talk Time on the big screen.  Queues change colors to visually indicate wait time thresholds.  Have multiple Switchvox Systems?  No Problem!  Display queues from multiple Switchvox systems on a single large screen TV/Monitor.  Want to have multiple Displays, each displaying different queues from a single or multiple Switchvox?  Yup, it’ does that too.
Wallboard Demo Video

Consolidated Queue Panelcentcom consolidated queue panel digium switchvox

CentCom™ Consolidated Queue Panel provides a single SwitchBoard Panel to display the Agent’s stats for the day along with Calls Waiting & Max Wait Time of all the queues that they are members of.  Customizable alert thresholds turn the queues different colors based on max wait times.  Need to wrap up after a call? No problem! Simply globally pause yourself in all queues with the click of a single button.  Need to pause yourself in one queue so that you can help take calls in another queue?  It’s simple, just click the button for that queue.  When you want to receive calls for that queue again simply click the resume (un-pause) button for that queue.


Features of the Consolidated Queue Panel include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Visual alerts based on max wait times
  • Agent Stats displays useful information for the agent
  • Pause/Resume yourself within individual queues
  • Pause/Resume  yourself in all queues with a single click
  • Log In/Out of individual queues
  • 10 or 100 agents, does not increase system load by displaying stats
  • Save on screen real estate within SwitchBoard with a single panel
  • Easy web administration

centcom mysql call detail report digium switchvoxMySQL CDR Data Feed

On a scheduled basis will dump all information available in the Switchvox Call Log to a MySQL Table to be used for CDR reporting by 3rd party applications.

Global Directory a user friendly search

DSG’s Switchvox Global Directory provides a centralized, searchable database for true Unified Communications across all your connected Switchvox Appliances.  Designed to help end-users effectively search, locate, and contact colleagues within your company. It is intended to be a user-friendly enhancement to the out-of-the-box directory found on the Digium Switchvox systems. Features of the Global Directory include:

  • User-friendly interface and search features
  • Enhanced presence information to display status and message
  • Display additional phone numbers configured for a person
  • Display email address for a person
  • Click to Dial
  • Click to Email
  • Polycom Microbrowser support, search and dial right on your phone
  • Exclude extensions from directory
  • Scheduled updates keeps your global directory current
  • Single, unified location of directory information
  • Web based interface making it easy to administer the Global Directory

Call-Park Return IDcentcom universal url builder digium switchvox

Ever park a call and when the call comes back you answer it as if they just called in?  Problem solved, as the call is parked we allow the Caller ID to be modified so that when the call comes back you know it is a caller who has been waiting.  With ringtone rules you can also use a different ring tone based on the modified Caller ID.

Universal CRM Connector

So you want to take inbound call information and create a custom URL that can be passed to a 3rd party web application like SalesForce.com or other 3rd Party Web Applications?  Yes, it’s in there too! We allow you to pass any of the Switchvox call variables available (Caller ID, Caller Name, Number Dialed, etc) and create a custom URL which can be passed to many web based applications to open a record based on caller ID information. We also allow you to have this new browser window open outside of the Switchboard into it’s own window. Create multiple Universal URLs for different applications.

centcom past dial digum switchvox panelPaste-to-Dial SwitchBoard Panel

Need to paste a phone number and dial your desk or soft phone ?  This will do the trick then!  Simply copy a number and paste into this custom SwitchBoard panel and press enter or click the button and your phone will call that number.  Clean and simple.

Support for Multiple Languages

While the default language for CentCom is English, it can be translated it to any language by inserting different language packs.

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