CentCom FAQs

CentCom Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a trial version available?
Answer: CentCom has a 14 day trial version available. Install the trial before you purchase as purchases are non-refundable.

Question: What hardware is required to run a CentCom Server?
Answer: CentCom System Requirements/

Question: Do I have to purchase a CentCom License for every Switchvox Appliance I want to add to our CentCom System?

Answer: You will need a CentCom Switchvox License for each Switchvox System you wish to manage with your CentCom System. The license key for each Switchvox System is based on the first six characters in your Switchvox System Registration Code.

Question: What happens if I need assistance setting up my CentCom Server?

Answer: We have created a step-by-step guide for setting up the server software and other components required for CentCom. If you would like assistance by one of our engineers, installation services are available for an additional fee.

Question: There is a feature I really want added to CentCom, what can I do?

Answer: We love suggestions on features you would like to see if future releases of CentCom. We also offer paid customization services if you would like your feature moved to the top of the list.

Question: What does it cost to renew maintenance and support after the first year?

Answer: To renewal support that has not yet expired, the cost is 40% of the current list price. If you support has already expired, please contact us for renewal price.

Question: I already have support on my Switchvox System, can I just get Digium to help me with a CentCom question?

Answer: CentCom is a 3rd Party product and is not support in any way by Digium Support. You must contact us for support.

Question: I already purchased CentCom before you went to a per Switchvox Appliance pricing, now what do I do to get the current version?

Answer: We appreciate your loyalty! Contact us directly and we will work with you to get things squared away.

We add FAQ’s often, so check back when you have time.