Interlink for CommitCRM

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Why Interlink?!

Combining a simple user interface with sophisticated automation technology, Interlink for CommitCRM helps IT Services, MSPs and Computer Repair businesses operate more efficiently. Whether your techs are in-office or out in the field Interlink helps eliminate the excuses for entering ticket information and other important service related information. Interlink also increases productivity by integrating with smart-phones and popular browsers to ensure seamless flow of data through all stages of support and directly into your CommitCRM system.

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capture more timeAt the end of the day next to customer service capturing billable time or tracking efficiency are probably the most important aspects of running an IT Service based business. Interlink makes entering time and notes into CommitCRM easier than ever before. With Interlink reduce multiple steps when entering time and communicating with clients all from one screen.
Go Mobile with Interlink!Interlink is cross device compatible. So whether your company has iPhones, Droids, Blackberries, Windows Phone 7 devices or a combination of all of them, Interlink provides your staff real-time remote access to CommitCRM Data. Capture time, history notes, asset information, passwords and more all from a smartphone.
Customer IT Service Request Portal!Interlink was built with client communication and satisfaction in mind and with Interlink’s Client Portal your clients will appreciate the ease of use and real-time access to their IT Service information. A fully automated IT Service Request intake and client approval system.

Mobility Minded

Designed to provide mobile access in real-time to your company’s CommitCRM system to enter charges, create new tickets, add history notes to existing tickets, look up customer information and much more all from a mobile web browser. The information displayed is real-time data and when changes are submitted from the field they are processed directly into the CommitCRM database in less than 30 seconds. We have found that our own field staff have increased their billable output simply by being able to capture their time more accurately and efficiently when the work happens and not trying to recall what they did two days ago.

Capture more work by creating tickets while in the field working and meeting with your clients.  Tickets created are accessible by all CommitCRM users both in CommitCRM GUI and Interlink.  Help prevent work falling between the cracks by entering it into CommitCRM quicker through Interlink all from your smartphone or tablet device.



Where the !@#% is that password!When you need that password the most is when you realize you need a better solution for securely storing client passwords. Interlink Password Manager Module allows for AES 256 bit encrypted password storage, while linking the passwords to client accounts. Control staff access by password category and client account access rights. Two part authentication allows you to work in Interlink with the first authentication level and when accessing password area you are prompted for a PIN to complete the two part authentication.
Yes I'm Satisfied, No I'm DissatisfiedCustomer satisfaction is very important as researches have shown that customer satisfaction has a positive effect on an business’s profitability. Due to this, the consequences of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction are critical. There is also a positive connection between customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Interlink Customer Satisfaction Module allows you to track satisfaction levels in real-time by engineer or by client and drill down by ticket to review history notes to determine what went right or wrong.
Are You Seeing The Big Picture?Interlink Advance Reporting Module delivers advanced analytics and powerful reporting in real-time. Focus on analyzing your CommitCRM data without having to update Excel spreadsheets or create custom complex reports within CommitCRM. Simply click through the advance reports and all the latest charge and ticket data are dynamically displayed in visually appealing and easy to understand formats.

System Requirements – What are the system requirements? Glad you brought that up, we have compiled a complete list of all the pieces needing to be in place to deploy Interlink in your business. Please visit our Interlink System Requirements page.

Pricing – Interlink is the most affordable solution on the market and the licenses are perpetual. This means that you pay for them only once and can use them for as long as you like. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You can opt to participate in one of our maintenance plans that will entitle you to support and new versions as they come out though…

Learn more about the pricing of Interlink by visiting our Interlink Pricing Page.

Change Log
So you want to know what is changing, what has been fixed, what features have been added… Well we have that information too, just hop over to our Interlink Change Log page.

Community Forum
Visit the Interlink Community Forum to post questions and suggest new features you would like to see added.

If you’re not delighted with Interlink in every way, just send us an email within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money for the licenses, no questions asked.