Vacation and Sick Time Tracking

In addition to time off functions, MyHRCoordinator handles the process of annual employee reviews, from Self Evaluation to Manager Performance Evaluation and goal setting with the employee all in a simple to use web based system.

100% Web Based – No Client Installation needed so you can access MyHRCoordinator™ from anywhere, anytime with a secure login and password. Perform all administration tasks, time entry, approvals and generate reports through your web browser.
Benefits of using MyHRCoordinator™

  • Streamlines HR administrative duties
  • Keeps managers and employees informed
  • No expensive hardware to buy
  • Simplify accrual calculations
  • Increase cost savings
  • Affordable Time Off Tracking Solution
  • Minimum Setup Time
  • No installation, No download, No upgrade cost
  • Trained support representative assigned to your account for full administrative support.
  • Full daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Redundant Infrastructure to prevent data loss
  • Different security access levels for administrator, mannagers and employees
  • Option to approve or deny a request or request more information

Features of MyHRCoordinator™ Include

  • 100% Web based solution with 24/7 365 secure access
  • Automated accrual calculation
  • Employees and Managers can view real time balances
  • Self Evaluation and Manager Performance Reviews
  • Manager is automatically notified of each request
  • Requester is notified of request results
  • Multi tier approval system and redundant approvers
  • Full integration to your email system
  • In depth time off reporting
  • In / Out board lets you easily see who is out of the office
  • Built in documentation
  • Unlimited customizable time off types
  • View everyone’s schedule with the click of a button
  • Can see everyone’s vacation balances
  • Track excessive absenteeism problems
  • Full Daily, weekly and monthly backups
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